Urge Trio

Urge Trio, Keefe Jackson, Christoph Erb, Tomeka Reid

Keefe Jackson, Tomeka Reid, Christoph Erb

The cumulative sounds were as fascinating as they were indefinable.
--Walter Tunis, Blog Inky

Live in Toledo - Veto Records

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Keefe Jackson's Likely So

The music of Keefe Jackson's all-reed group Likely So is both a new direction and a continuation of his abiding mission: combining composition and improvisation with an emphasis on the interaction of the individual musicians. On the album A Round Goal, this leads to an exploration of sound-areas including the textural, the melodic, and the instinctual.
from left to right: Mars Williams, Wacław Zimpel, Jackson, Marc Stucki, Dave Rempis, Peter A. Schmid, and Thomas K.J. Mejer
photo by Palma Fiacco


Keefe Jackson's Project Project

Continuing in the boundless endeavor of combining improvisation and composition in the 21st century, Keefe Jackson's Project Project recorded Just Like This in 2007.

The musicians: Josh Berman - cornet, Jaimie Branch - trumpet and flügelhorn, Jeb Bishop, Nick Broste - trombone, Marc Unternährer - tuba, James Falzone - clarinet, Guillermo Gregorio - alto saxophone and clarinet, Jason Stein - bass clarinet, Dave Rempis - baritone and alto saxophone, Keefe Jackson - tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Anton Hatwich - bass, and Frank Rosaly - drums. 

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Fast Citizens

The Fast Citizens was formed in 2003 by Keefe Jackson.

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