Keefe Jackson's Project Project

Keefe Jackson's Project Project, Just Like This, Josh Berman, Jaimie Branch, Nick Broste, Jeb Bishop, Marc Unternaehrer, James Falzone, Guillermo Gregorio, Dave Rempis, Jason Stein, Anton Hatwich, Frank Rosaly

Continuing in the boundless endeavor of combining improvisation and composition in the 21st century, Keefe Jackson's Project Project recorded Just Like This in 2007.

The musicians: Josh Berman - cornet, Jaimie Branch - trumpet and flügelhorn, Jeb Bishop, Nick Broste - trombone, Marc Unternährer - tuba, James Falzone - clarinet, Guillermo Gregorio - alto saxophone and clarinet, Jason Stein - bass clarinet, Dave Rempis - baritone and alto saxophone, Keefe Jackson - tenor saxophone and bass clarinet, Anton Hatwich - bass, and Frank Rosaly - drums.'s a bodacious, colorful sound spectacle....establishing [Jackson] as a fearless innovator. ...Now with a large ensemble, his music is even more vivid, capivating and outlandish.
--Mark F. Turner, All About Jazz

Comprising a dozen of Chicago's finest improvisers, it balances the formidable sonic intensity of a mini-big band with the sensitivity of a chamber jazz group. [It] embodies the best elements of the jazz continuum...
--Troy Collins, All About Jazz

[Jackson's music is] big, gnarly, ragged-edged. [The band] can be a noisy, snarly bunch.
--Lofton Emernari III,

[The music] never separates from the rhythmic ferocity built by bassist Anton Hatwich and drummer Frank Rosaly. That, combined with Jackson's ear for warm melodies and arrangements, keeps the music aimed directly at the gut.
--Michael J. West, JazzTimes

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